Schoolworld 2019-20

Brand ambassador Carina Bär and PAIDI. Joint commitment for social responsibility. With her team colleagues she was able to canoe her way to the top. She is an Olympic gold medal winner and two times world champion, who knows that hard work pays off. She is also aware that it is important to stand-up for the things she believes in. After her career in sports it was clear to her that she wanted a profession where she was able to help others. Therefo- re, Carina started studying medicine and is now in her practical year to become a doctor. But that wasn’t enough for her so why not use her well-known name to do something good? But her character as a fighter also comes with a very gentle and helpful side: Her older brother Mathias was born with a handicap. That‘s why she knows how families with seri- ously ill children feel. How much parents and siblings are psychologically, physically and financially challenged - and that they also need the opportunity to recharge their batteries. Together with PAIDI, Carina Bär supports “Familienherberge Lebensweg”. Her as an am- bassador, PAIDI with a generous furniture donation. “Familienherberge Lebensweg” offers children with disabilities and their family’s short-term accommodation with allround care. So that the families get the time out which they sometimes need so urgently. Brand ambassador Carina Bär with PAIDI Managing director Udo Groene and Karin Eckstein (Manager of „Familienherberge“). 2 | PAIDI Schoolworld